Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Past Is Present June 22, 2017

June 22, 2017
            This is “Our Past Is Present” from the Geary County Historical Society.
            We have shared that there are 41 buildings listed in the free pamphlet “A Walking Tour”, which is available at our Museum at the corner of Sixth and Adams Streets.  Building number 18 listed in the pamphlet is the Rockwell Building. 
            Bertrand Rockwell was a Civil War veteran, who began his dry goods and grocery business in Junction City in 1865.  In 1880, he built a new brick building at 723-725 North Washington Street.  The building burned in 1888.  In 1889 the B. Rockwell Merchandise and Grain Company reopened on the same site and in the present building.  The Rockwell firm continued in business until the 1920’s.  The ground floor was later occupied by Woolworth’s, the Scott Store and later it was a Duckwall Store.  In 1986, the original façade was restored by Dr. Ned Price, who was a local veterinarian, and others. 
            When you take a close look at the building you will see decorative holes in the north wall.  This was known as woodpeckering.
            The Rent-A-Center is currently located at 723 and Edward Jones Investments is located at 725 North Washington Street. 
            We hope you have enjoyed the information about some of the historic buildings in downtown Junction City.  Take some time to visit us at the Museum and take the walking tour downtown to become even more aware of why we say “Our Past Is Present” from the Geary County Historical Society.