Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Our Past Is Present April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017
            This is “Our Past Is Present” from the Geary County Historical Society.
It appeared that there was another slow news day in the spring of 1943. The local newspapers revealed that the war news was not the only source of interest for Geary County residents, however.  The Washington Street bridge, which connected Fort Riley and Junction City was closed in May of 1943 following an accident.  It seemed that a heavily laden vehicle crashed through one span.  Repairs were made by the State Highway Department, but a few months later military authorities again ordered the road closed to vehicular traffic.  The bridge was not opened until June 19th.  An official ceremony was held and the bridge was then opened to all types of vehicles except tanks and vehicles weighing more than ten tons. 

Here is another slow news story found that year.  There was a report being circulated that checker and domino players, who were commonly found in the City Park during the summer, were being run out of the park.  One of the domino players stated to a reporter that they had been ordered to stop their domino games by authorities, because they were tramping out the grass and killing the it by spitting tobacco juices on it! However the removal of the players from the park was denied by Mayor, Roy More.